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Pics Of New System


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I wasn't sure where to put this, Since it fits both overclocking and cases, so I put it in General. :P


Here are a cpl pics of my pc-65 and new system. I am going to stick with this O/c till the summer heat dies down in Souther California. I ganked the SP-94, 1gb MushkinLvlII(bh-5), SCSI u160 and 15k Cheetah's out of my old comp, along with my Gainward fx5950(softmodded 5900u), oh and my LG DVD burner.

(My brother is getting the retired 2.8c @ 3.3 and p4c800)

When the summer heat dies down, I will o/c further and possibly get mach II cooling.




Edit: I will soon be adding stealth drives as well to get rid of any white on the front. ;)

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