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I'm A Bit Lost (newb)

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I can change the agp freq... Do i want that to match my FSB? As far as the temp goes at idle on cooler days it runs @ 43 c under load doesn't get over 56 on hotter days it runs a little warmer at idle around 46 but still doesn't get over 56..


My multiplier is unlocked, but when i lower the multi below 11 i get a message system failed due to overclocking, and it won't boot at all, i have to hold power till it turns off,and bring it back up jump into the bios quickly and change it back... this is very curious to me since lowering the multiplier is the opposite of overclocking... hmmmm again i am lost LOL

Thats what you are looking for . It should be set to 66mhz not auto. If you lock it at 66 you should be stable up to 200fsb at least. Better cooling is always a good thing but you arnt in to bad a shape. You may need 1.75 to 1.8v to get it stable at 200fsb some chips dont need it some do. I needed 1.725 to do 200 fsb 1.8 to do 210 and 1.9 to do 227. :foldon::foldon:

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