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Dood, you used tinsnips?!? For every cut? If so, dang good job.


I like the case....is that an actual computer fan, if so, where'd yah get it?


If that was my first MoD, I'd be happy.


w00t! :D

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Why'ed I use tinsnips..


well.. Im a poor college kid, who couldent afford a dremel..

2nd it was the only thing I had in the house that would cut this dang steel case lol.. I got tons of blisters and cuts from this..


I would suggest to anyone not to try it with tinsnips lol..


thanks, I tryed my best I really did.. if you look upclose though you can see how the cuts are kind of off.. the molding hides it a bit.. but not to well..

the edges were pretty jagged too.. I tryed to sand them down.. but it dident go so well...


Yes that is a real fan.. I am very proud of that fan.. Its louder then heck! its a 172mm fan..


got it at Case ETC for 20 bucks.. pretty cheap.. I have it hooked up to a switch so I can turn it on and off.. and if you get one.. I suggest u do the same.. its veeery annoying.. actually its bareable.. with the rubber washers on there.. it doesnt rattle the case to badly..


but yeah.. I would put it on a switch..


im glad you all like it.. I will get some Closer Pics put on the page this week..


Also, If any of you guys know a good webpage hosting site.. that doesnt moniter ur transfer of your pages.. tell me.. Geocities takes my page down for 24hrs.. after like.. 3 megs have been transferd from my page.. and my pictures are all pretty big sizes..


hope that answares everything!




Oh yeah.. yes.. every cut was done with my tinsnips..

I actually went though 2 pairs..

I had olderones.. but they wore out after a few cuts.. and I bought new ones..


Its all good though!

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Its times liek this when I wish I had a fast connection.. Iwould just host my own server lol..

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