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Well in less tham 24 hours I'll be off.... a well needed vacation, and a long overdue wedding. ;)


Try not to be to hard on Matt, Max, and Jason over the next week (or two... or three). They're use to it... they do most of the work anyway.


Should the Bahamas (or perhaps a beach house off the coast of FL) have an open WiFi system, I might stop by and post some pix of the Bahamas. Either way, I'll post 'em when I get back (and when I get broadband again).

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I at least want to pics of the wedding too... could be because I am a sappy female though


and yes Elcaro it is

Where is your romantic side Bishop? <_< :P



Nothin' better than a good wedding!... guess I'm soppy too then :P:blink:


Congrat's and enjoy to you both, D3 & Celtica! :D

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