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Need A New Mobo

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Ok here are my current specs:

P4 2.53 Northwood, 533FSB, Revision C1, Stepping 7

Dell Piece of junk Mobo.

PC2700 Ram, 512, to long lazy to try to spell it :P

9500 Pro

And all of the other usual junk.


I would like to get a new Mobo but am unsure what Mobo/HS Combo to go with.

My current Chipset is a i845PE. I was thinking about a DFI Lanparty 865PE (135bucks) or the Pro875P (175bucks). For now I will have to use the RAM I got but I will eventually get some Geil 3700 or something. Main reason I want a new mobo is so that I can OC some, more goodies, a some more control over it. Which board should I go with here :confused:


Edit: I just did a Mobo Search on the Intel site. If I put in 875P with DFI I turn up nothing. Is this just because Intel isn't updated or that It they will not work together?

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Yeah, those DFI boards are very nice...basically any good name board based off 865 or 875 will be a good board. Also, if you're on a tight budget, a board based off Via's PT880 would be a good match for that cpu...I've used the MSI PT880 in several comps, and it works like a dream. (plus it goes for like 65 bucks on newegg!)

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I may be biased, but I love my Gigabyte. Very easy to overclock from the bios and even comes with an overclocking utility. Also lots of extra goodies. I've heard that Gigabyte boards don't like Corsair memory. They recommend Kingston but Geil is also supported. Also look pretty cool under a blacklight.

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Y E S ! ! ! ! G I G A B Y T E R O X ! ! ! !



i have a gigabye 8IK1100 mobo and yes it comes with its own overclocking tools that you can either overclock through the bios or overclock while running windows - its awesome!!!


if you didnt want to go with the gigabyte motherboard theres a lil badboy that ive been watching for a while now - the chaintec zenith edition


heres a few links that i dug up for ya -


gigabyte mobo's :




chaintec zenith edition:




hope this helps ya in making a decision on what mobo to get - (get a gigabyte!! ;) )

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