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Help On Ocing 2500+

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wat should my ram timing be? my multiplyer is at 11x180 right now, what should i set my timing too? and for the memory frequency what should it be set to? by speed or 100%? im running the ECS nforce 2 board N2U400 on this...not a great board but hey its for my little bro..well yea ....thanks guys for the help...


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whoa whoa whoa... you have an unlocked chip running at 11x180? if you have the value select corsair ram (like me) then the timings are 2.5-3-3-8 as standard...


wait, what is going on, your sig is not the puter yer talkin about is it?

my oc is limited by my cpu... ram goes to ~210 on standard timings... but cpu doesn't :( stupid locked cpu.... rrr!


maybe you should try out 10x200 and then increase the fsb keeping the 10x multi?


maybe give the spec of yer bro's future puter so me n other ppl can tell you what you can do... :)

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