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Locked 2500 Barton Vs. Jiuhb 1700 T-bred

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I posted last week saying I messed up my main rig, so I have my backup rig right now, I was bored and took off the Heatsink to see what the chip was. Turns out it is a 1700+ T-Bred:

AXDA1700DUT3C 9494257271427

JIUHB0312XPMW Manufactured in Malaysia and the chip is green.


This is the 1700+ that is supposed to overclock like crazy right? I was wondering if this would give me better performance than my locked 2500+ Barton in my main rig. I have gotten the barton to 2273mhz, but if I can hit a better overclock on the 1700+ would it give me better performance than the barton even though it has a smaller L2 Cache?


P.S. I would try to see what this chip would do, but the mobo in my backup rig is an ECS so not many overclocking options.

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That's lower voltage (1.5 vs 1.6), and downgraded from a higher speed than many of them. That one should be awesome.


As for speed, you should be able to get it to perform about the same as a barton.

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