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Low Temps, Improvemens?

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My case is an ATI power case , could my temps be improved with quieter fans?



Asus P4P-800-VM

P4 2.4 gig 533FSB Northwood

2x 256 PC3200 samsung DDR

ATI radeon 9600 pro

Lynksys wireless




I have almost perfect wire managment so no wind resistance :)

80mm antec silent blue LED blowing at 2500 rpm on my graphics card and CPU

80 mm Thermal nuke fan system on my P4 = 2000rpm

120mm Antec fan in the back at 3000 RPM sucking exaust heat from everything else

120mm at front of case at 2000rpm


When I have them all at optimal power I get 27C-31C temps and when Im running something like Unreal 2004 it goes up 1 or 2, Are there any fans that make virtualy no noise so my case doesn't sound like a small bee hive? Id like to run all my fans at 5000 RPM

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