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Several Stuff To Trade


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this is also posted at another board.


i'm looking for a P4 2.8C 800FSB for my third computer and if you got some 512MB PC3500 or higher RAM


this is what i have for trade :


Mobile 2500+ IQYHA that does 2.5GHz

Mobile 2500+ IQYHA that also does 2.5GHz ( pending )

Barton 2500+ AQZFA that does 2.2GHz

Throughbred B 1800+ JIUHB that does 2.2GHz ( painted the bridges so that the default Vcore is 1.75 insted of 1.55)


i can't remember the exact voltages they run at those speeds but they all have headroom for more OC. None have chips or cracks.


Am willing to add my Twinmos 1x512 PC3200 (does 220FSB with 3-4-4-9)if you have real good stuff to trade


If you need more info or have another good offer PM me


rember that i'm in europe for shipping

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