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Monitor: Higher Timings/resolutions Than Allowed?

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First I have to say, that I am from Austria (Europe) and so my Englich maybe isnt perfect.




I have a 21" monitor, model Nolia 445pro. It has a Sony Trinitron Tube and a maximum resolution of 1800x1440. Max. vertical frequency: 125kHz, max. Bandwith (RAMDAC): 300MHz. But I have found out, that when you bste too high refrech rates, taht dont lead to a too high vertical frequency (like 200Hz@640x480, which is more than the 180Hz that are the max. according to the data sheet) the monitor doesnt turn itself off (but it turns itself off, when I exceed 125kHz).



So my first question: I have the monitor now set exactly so, that it has exactlys 125kHz@1800x1440. The resulting refrech rate was 83Hz, not 80Hz which was the maximum according to the data sheet. First I thought, that the difference was onbly because of rounding (like at 1600x1200 it sayed the ,max. was 100Hz, but it is only 99Hz, which also results in 125kHz), but now I found out, that the RAMDAC is 309MHz w/ this setting, which is more than the 300MHz, that should be the max. according to the data sheet. Whenn I set the RAMDAC to 300MHz, I have a refresh rate of 80Hz.


So the my question is: Could 1800x1440@83Hz cause any longterm-damage to my monitor because the RAMDAC is 9MHz too much?I use this setting since about 2-3 months, which is the time since I bought this monitor (it was used).



To get this non-standard resolutions and frequencies I us ethe program PowerStrip.



Today something happened, which I didnt expect: I reinstalled my chipset driver and the setup program also reinstalled my graphics driver (my chipset and GPU are both from NVIDIA). After this Windows resetted my resolution to a default resolution, which is officially not supported by my monitor (1920x1200, the max. is 1800x1440 according to all datasheets). And the monitor didnt turn itself off. After this I tried 1920x1440 and 2048x1536 and the monitor still didnt turn itself off. Also the picture looked correctly at all resolutions.


Now my question: could the too high resolutions be dangerous for my monitor, even when the RAMDAC and the vertical frequency are both lower than the max. which is official supported?




If anyone wants to know, for what I use so high resolutions: I want to use allways the max. resolution in Windows.


I solved the problem that fonts get too small, by increasing the system font size and using a browser (MyIE2), which has a zoomfeature.

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