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Observations On Cpu Upgrades

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........upgraded from a celeron socket 478 to a P4 socket 478?


i am running a celeron 478 2.0A running @ 2.7


was wondering if you guys think or hopefully know if i would notice a significant increase in performance if i got a P4 2.4B, 2.6B or 2.8B CPU without changing anything else? my motherboard only supports"B" spec cpu's, can't go to "C" spec without a new mb


of course, i know i would have to get faster ram to be able to oc the new cpu


has anyone done a similiar upgrade? and if there was a noticeable increase, how much?


also, check this out !! is this right ? i thought an "A" spec intel cpu was 400Mhz FSB ? or is this the new letteringscheme for the prescott cores, like A=533, B=800, and C=1066 ? or is this a mistake ?


why would i pay $160 for a 2.8B Northwood, rather than pay $109 for a 2.4 "A" Prescott ? or get a 2.8A Prescott for $170 ???? :huh::huh::huh:


ok, now i am confused...... :blink:


and on the topic of motherboards, what's the chance that my motherboard that supports 512K cache would support a Prescott core CPU with 1Mb cache ?

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