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Help Me Find A Required Cpu

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i think i need a new cpu, although i aint sure how many watts it is at the min, right now all i can see is a yellow sticker saying "230V" is that 230watts?


when complete my cpu will be running something along the lines of...


-amd athlon xp 2000+ overclocked to around 2.0ghz if possible with volcano or coolermaster aero coolers

-viatec mobo

-geforce 4 64mb agp

-sb live 5.1 digital

-52x cdr

-dvd drive

-60gb hdd

-40gb hdd


-tv card

-3 x 256 drr pc1200

-2 cold cathodes n possibly various other neons

-5 case fans max


how many watts cpu will i need for this? and could anyone direct me to a good one, i dont know many online stores, also thats not way too pricey.



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just to stop you for a second, you mean PSU (power supply unit)... CPU is central processing unit, ie, your processor


the main power drains in your computer are your cpu and video card... your GeForce4 won't be pulling anything near as much as a high-end GeForceFX or Radeon cards that require a molex power connector for more power!


so, a DECENT 350W psu like an Antec TruePower would be fine...


your psu should have a sticker on it somewhere (look all round it) that gives you the current max's for 3.3V, 5V, 12V and also the wattage for the same...


you should have a combined wattage rating (it will be in watts so it'll have a W in there, not a V... thats volts)


depends how much you wanna spend... i spent

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yeah i ment PSU sorry.


it comes to around 370 watts... so a 400watt psu should be fine.


whats the best sites to buy these from?

Look for a brand name PSU,it will save you a lot of headaches.Newegg.com is used by many here.

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thanx, i'm in UK does newegg ship to their? it says it doesnt ship internationally so that would mean uk right?


i might check out some of the local stores, but i'm pretty sure they only really sell stock parts. plus they are way overpriced

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