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Writing Hogging System.

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Hi guys.....my first post !


Whenever i burn a cd it totally hogs up my system.

Im using Nero 5.5.

Writing at X24 on a Lite-on X40 onto X40 Verbatam Media.

Only writing files, not mp3's to audio or anything like that.

It's that bad, i can't do anything whilst writing. Even Explorer takes about 1min to load up.

Am using Win XP Pro.

HD is plenty fast enough to keep up, Maxtor 60gig 7200 rpm, udma 133 and on seperate ide cable to writer.


Would a faulty writer cause this prob?


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I would say that sounds like a IDE Controller problem. Its not mult-tasking very well.


You dont have the CDR attached to a Raid Controller or the Ultra-ATA Promise Controller do you? That could be causing some problems.

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he's got 256 ram, dono what speed but ya its on the sig....

I was gonna say that slowing down is fairly normal, but completely hogging

is a little unussual...

before I edited i had a big long thing about stuff being on the same cable but then I read his post over and he said it's on seperate cables....

then I went on about maybe he had an ATA66 cable to make it even slower.... but ya im a little out of it right now....


so my other advice I guess would be check the connections, check to see how much stuff is already runnin in the backround, ya only have 256mb and you're using XP so that could potentially slow ya down....

check device manager and see if there's any problems with these devices, maybe even try changing drivers for your IDE controller and such...

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