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Help Me Find! I Can't Wait For Prices To Drop!

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I have been trying to find a place that has a Gainward 5950 coolfx ultra golden sample card with a good price. I found one for 413.00 but can't seem to find anyone else that even has them. And what do you think of them compared to a BfG Asylum 5950 ultra? Should I not waist my money on a Gainward. I just can't wait for the prices to drop besides the drop in prices is not going to break me right now, I have been saving. :) Any links to sales would awsome. I googled to death and found one place! :lol:


edit me : Ok I found I'm looking for the barcode of: #5414 of the Gaindward 5950 ultra Golden Sample


Why because I run Photo editing and record video but don't want to spend 2000.00 for a Quad, so I don't overclock my video... :P


And do :foldon: or :smack:

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No I like games too and can't aford a 2000.00 quadro....lol But not a bad idea if I soft mod it mmmm!


I just ordered the Gainward 5950 Ultra Golden sample and another hard drive. I hope the card is all I hope it to be. I will see... or :smack: I googled for two days and have only found one plays that had one.... 413.00 not bad really!


Thanks for the help everyone!!! :foldon:

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