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Im Not Sorry


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you know i have to say one thing. Ive been a member of occ for awhile know and now i know what kinda people frequent this site. Good people.


Ive read many forums on the internet and once in a while a thread pops up where the regulars fight over the whole terrorist thing. Usually anybody that tries to defend islam or the good people of iraq are torn to shreds by american extremeists. Even when they are trying to be fair and non judgemental its seen as anti american. They get extremely vicious and persecute anyone remotely neutral or intelligent.


Anyway this is the first time where many members are fair and know the difference between a good iraqi and a bad iraqi. Theres bad people everywhere and they come in all colours and religions. I try not to partake in discussions of this nature. But i have to say... Im glad to be a member of OCC :)

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