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Hi all, just got to the limit i think for OC my System til i unlock CPU. What do you think??

SPEC: 1800XP Locked to 11.5 multiplier @140mhz = 1610mhz

Kr7a133R Mobo / 512mb DDR Pc2100 / A-bit Siluro GF3 Ti200 @210core/480ram .Also 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm @ata133.

Temps 23/44 idle 24/49 load, two hours solid UT maxsettings.

I want to unlock my CPU but wanted to see what it could do without unlocking first.

3D Mark 2001 score 7600+

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FSB currently clocked from 133 to 140, @143 get app lock om 3d mark, @144 get BSOD after w2k login "PFN ERROR..."

Any ideas on this appreciated.

GF3 Ti200, 210 core / 480 ram , have kept same ratio core/ram, is this necessary?? I thought it made sense but, thats just me.

Temps taken from on board thermo's, 3x80mm intake (2 front 1 side) 1x80mm exhaust + PSU exhaust. I think 2 hrs UT with max settings should be enough to test temps, Am i right?

Sorry to bug with so many questions but i'm chuffed to bits with these results and need MORE, AARRGGHH!!

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