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Hey I was wondering what is a good overclocking fan for a P4 cpu? I was looking at the Zalman 7000 , but dont know if it will fit my mobo. My case has 10 cooling fans 3-120mm and 7-80mm. I have just the front 120mm intake and the rest exhasting. good layout or should I reconfigure it? I would like to hear all your ideas and and experiences.

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More air intake would be good. You want fairly equal airflow going in and out of the case, though, it doesn't have to be exact.

About the heatsink and fan: If you're willing to spend the money, look into a Thermalright SP-94 w/ a 92mm high airflow fan like the Vantec Tornado. Or, if you want a quieter fan, but good cooling performance, I recommend the Delta 92mm 72cfm fan. That is the fan I'm using. I also have the AMD version of the heatsink mentioned above. Thermalright makes a great product. Happy overclocking B)



Almost forgot, Arctic Silver 5 seems to be the thermal compound of choice when it comes to overclocking. Welcome to OCC.

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