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How Much Vcore Can A P4 Handle

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I'm currently running 1.675. I've researched this a lot before I started OCing and found that pretty much 1.7V is the limit on air. You can run up to 1.75V on good air, but don't expect to get more than ~1 year out of it. From everythinng I've read that seams to be about how long they last at those voltages before you start to get problems. Anything over 1.75V is a nono unless you're using some serious cooling (Mach II). The deal with running 1.7-1.75 zone is heat control. Never let the thing get above 45C under any circumstances while running in that zone. Personally I have no problem running up to 1.7 b/c I never expect my proc to last much more than a year anyway because I upgrade. See my sig for my setup.

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