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Athlon 64 2800

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i'm sorry if this has already been covered, but i couldn't find it in the searches that i did.

i'm getting ready to go 64, and yes i know that there are some big changes coming about the pinouts, and chipsets and stuff. but, if i always waited for the next big thing, i would never buy anything. so, that being said, i plan on upgrading again by the end of the year, but i want to get my feet wet with the 64 thing now.

so, i don't want to go hog wild on this. has anyone dealt with the new A64 2800+? i was just curious what anyone had to say on that chip.

one other thing, i have a week 14(AQXDA0314MPMW) 2500+. what is something like that worth? it's hard to compare it with other 2500's on the net cause ya never know what your gonna get when you buy from ebay or the like.

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