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Lighting/fan Colors

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Ok I have a chieftec server case. It has 2 intake fans (1 in HD Bay) a side window 80mm fan hole that I cut out, 120mm blowhole that I also cut out, 2 exhaust fans in the back. I'm thinking of either painting the case green/black or red/black or blue black. Now for the fans and lighting I need a good color scheme that will match the paint. I would like to have some UV stuff in it like sleeving and molex connectors and stuff like that. I might be getting a Lanparty Board but not sure yet. anyone know what would be the best colors to use.


I have 2 nexus -301 fan and CC controllers so I can have up to 4 ccfl's

I will also buy some RAM Lighting from frozencpu (red/green/black), a cable sleeving kit (UV), molex changeover kit for the PSU, and of course IDE cables.

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Ya, your right is way overused. So red and green huh? You think like 3 red and 3 green fans along with 2 uv cc and 2 red cc might look good?


Edit: Oh anyone know if those TT UFO Fans are worth anything? I'll be using a Vantec Nexus NXP 101 to ctrl the CPU fan so im not sure they will work together.


What about these from frozencpu? They are a little pricy but i can get them sleeved with uv green.

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