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How Can You Tell If A Processor Is Broken?

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A friend of mine has a computer and it has been working fine for the past few months. Recently, hsi computer has been skipping when scrolling trhough webpages or seeming to lock up when opening large files even thought the program is responding and CPU usage is less then 20%. When typing, the computer seems to stop for a few seconds and then continue like nothing happened. He thinks that his comp might of overheated. The system specs are as follows:


P4 2.6 533 FSB

512MB memory (notebook memory dont know anything else)


ATI 9000 mobility Radeon




He hase left this notebook on for a few days straight but because there was nothing going on, it stayed cool... Could this have had something to do with these problems anyway? Thanks for all your help.

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Hmmmm... How could the memory have gotten messed up? Is there anyway i can check it without taking it some place because i dont have those million dollar tools to do it myself.

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