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New Tt Case

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Well I got an e-mail this morning from Thermaltake (I'm subscribed to their mailing list) and it appears that they have come out with a new case: The Tsunami Dream. The moment I saw it I knew I had seen something like it before, so I pulled up both; you can judge for yourself. What do you guys think?



Heck, they even stole the name (almost). Coolermaster's was "Wave Master." I guess "Tsunami Dream" was more catchy to those at TT.

Oh, even Compaq's "Gaming Machine" uses this case:4.jpg

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Wow... thats craptastic.


I still however like the Xaser III cases, can someone tell me how they DONT have airflow...? I have been trying to figure it out but it seems they're designed the same as every other decent case except 2 more fans... :huh:

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i iwsh i could afford a wavemaster...=( and have the gonads to cut a huge hole in the side to put a window...

or you could cheat and buy a prewindowed door.... I wish i could afford a

wavemaster too. I do have the money, but thats being saved for going to

uni later this year... which i'm looking forward to, should get a 10mbit

connection in my room (crossing his fingers).

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