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5th Online Flash Mob. Do Your Part!


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Hey all, I mentioned this last month and am asking for your help again this month. Every day another person somewhere in the world is scammed through advance fee fraud (otherwise known as 419 scamming based on legal code 4-1-9 of the Nigerian Judicial System). These scammers create fake bank websites that copy real ones in order to fool people into giving bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and get money from you in any way they can. These criminals are the reason you get all those spam mails offering you a share of $XX million dollars to help them out.


To do your part and help rid the internet of this scum, please visit:




From here you can find many ways to shut down these fake bank websites and rid the internet of theft. I have been an anti-scammer for a long while now and would appreciate any help a fellow OCCer could offer :)





The story made Slashdot, so you know it must be good :rolleyes::ph34r:


Thanks guys!




EDIT: My apologies to the mods, I put this in the wrong "General" section by accident and just realized it, I thought this was the regular General section, not the OCC teams one... A move would be appreciated where it could be put to good use. Thanks and again, my bad :P

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