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Single Sided Ram,double Sided Ram?

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sup peeps,

i have two sticks of 512 ram

one stick is double sided and the other stick is single sided

they both are ocz ddr400mhz ram,

do any of you think the single sided stick will perform better than the double sided?


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A pair of single sided DIMMs usually overclock higher than a pair of double sided DIMMs (Dual-Inline-Memory-Module). For awhile, 512MB sticks were only double sided, but now there are 1GB sticks which are double sided and it should now be possible to get single sided 512MB sticks (although this is the first time i've heard of someone saying they have a single sided 512MB DIMM. Since 1GB sticks are becoming more prevalent, finding a single sided 512 stick is definitely possible).


For benchmarking, people usually preferred 2 256MB single sided sticks in a dual channel configuration, as opposed to 2 512MB double sided sticks, since a pair of single sided sticks can usually reach a higher stable oc than the doubles.


do any of you think the single sided stick will perform better than the double sided?

The chance that one stick will perform better (oc wise) than another will also depend on whether or not the two sticks are using the same memory chips on their PCBs. And just because a stick has memory chips on both sides of the pcb, it doesn't necessarily mean it is a double sided DIMM. You can have sticks that have chips placed on both sides of the pcb be configured as single sided DIMMs, by the manufacturer as long as none of the memory chips have a chip on the opposite side of its location on the pcb. I actually have a single sided 256MB stick that has chips on both sides of the pcb (my Kingston ValueRam PC2100).


We can't really tell ya which one is more likely to oc better. In a dual channel configuration, Single sided DIMMs while have a greater impact on your max oc when you have your sticks placed in a dual channel configuration. If you just compare one side sided stick to a double sided stick (single channel config ofcourse), the difference in the max oc obtainable may be slighlty less affected, although the single sided still usually reaches a higher oc.


Also, if you do have a single sided 512MB stick, then each memory chip on there has a higher density than that of the double sided stick. And that means the chips can't really the same on both sticks.


Generally, the higher the density, the less likely the memory will be able to oc as high as low density sticks. It looks like the total density of the stick and the density of the chips onthe pcb play a role. I have no clue if it is better to have a single sided stick using higher density chips, or if it is better to have a double sided stick using lower density chips. Hopefully we'll have the answers soon. Very nice question. I wish I knew this. Maybe the answer has started to spread already.


edit: Hey, and you can always test sticks yourself and let us know the results, although it may not really be scientific since they aren't made with the same chips. gl :)

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Sup peeps,

sorry for taking so long just to give the benchmark results.

well here they are :


In my rig

(p4 3ghz,HT ON,)

Both ram sticks are OCZ

In PCMark2002 registered.


Doublesided ddr400mhz pc3200

:scored 7106


Singlesided ddr400mhz pc3200

:scored 6561


,looks like Doublesided ram is the way to go.

Even thoe it may not be much difference but i'll just trust more a double sided stick than a single sided from now on,and so should u! B)

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