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Computer Dies During Large Network File Transfers?

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[cross posted over at Amdmb.cm]


Hmm.. I searched around but couldn't find anything specific...

running the rig in my sig ( Hey, I can rhyme!) everything is stable.. Prime for days, no lock ups (knock a tonne of wood!!)

no internet connectivity issues, no dropped connections during games (I wish, that would explain why I get fragged so much! :P )


But... if I try to transfer a large file or large amounts of data from my computer to another...my system will freeze...


I am using the Gigabit LAN on the board... have not tested with external NIC yet...

going through a Netgear switch....


trying to do a backup to another computer or move Ghost images...after about 3 or 4 gigs of data transfered....it just dies....


it is not at the same point each time....


any ideas or directions I should take this....

I have a Folding machine set up that I want to store backups on...but I can't get my backup to go...


I have tried running M$ Backup through the connection as well and after several GB's transfered.. Poof....


Mouse moves for a minute than lockup..






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yeah man I had said problem with my nf7s onboard lan, seemed to work fine, but as I was coping 5 gigs of mp3 it would slow way down and then reboot my amchine, as soon as I used an external nic, it was fin, not sure what the problem is.

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nothing rwally just havn't been playing my self, and no has been insterested in playing so I havn't had it running, I can turn it on at any time, but I seem to have a bottle neck at about 10-12 guys after that it geets laggy.


But I'm up for some fraggin anytime

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