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Raid0 Raptor


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A familiar topic I am sure... but I have read a few negative responses regarding the Raptor's in RAID0...


"I had two raptors and wasnt impressed was only getting 73mb/s on Raid 0."


" was getting well below what benchmark programs like sandra say i should be getting. That was regardless of stripe size and controller. Kustom tested them and got same results, compared them to new off the shelf raptors in an array also and performance was similar.

Also my friends sata arrays running standard drives were coming up quicker in benchmarks. To be honest I would go for a pair of 160gb sata drives or 200gb satas and run them in RAID 0."



So can anyone who runs these drives comment on their perfoormance, compared to a normal ATA drive, or other SATA RAID's?


I am just about to order these and am worried their performance may not be as good as the possible hype...

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:O ... :O .... :O ...


i new raid 0 was good.... but i never knew HOW good.


My next purchase is gonna be dual raptors, i've decided lol


what kinda stat's do you get from those hd's when NOt in raid 0?


also can anyone tell me why the intels have cpu usage as like 3-4% and the amd's are 30-35%?

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