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Any Tips For This Oc?

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i got my new vid card and mem in the mail today..

and EVGA 5950 ultra ( 530 / 1020 )

and mushkin LvL 1 PC3500 CH-5


i got my FSB up to 235 CPC enabled with 3.1 Volts with 2-2-2-6 timings

when i put it to 240 it isn't prime stable not even at 3.2 & 3.3 Volts


when i try 2-3-3-6 it doesn't work either and 2-3-3-11 locks my system right after boot screen windows...

voltages are right on track when i put it to 3.1 bios shows 3.11~3.14


i'm currently runnin 41 idle and 47 load because room temps are 34


could it be heat that is holding me back?

maybe i should remove the heatspreaders from the mem?


any other tips for me?


:: update ::


when i disable CPC it isn't stable at 240 either... i'm using the 1/21 bios from tictac.

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