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Muahahaha Killer Mobile Xp

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Nerd Porn


That says it all. Not quite stable but gets into windows at that voltage. Well, it won't pass prime at that but I'm typing this at that speed, infact I just now took the screenshot.


2500+ Mobile XP


Passes Prime at 2875mhz @ 2.03v


Passes Prime at 2700mhz @ 1.725v


Btw, I'm on air.


SLK-900a + tornado baby.

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If 2875 won't work, go for 2850, or 2800. I wanna see some real power

me too, I wanna see how this thing stacks up.


I haven't had time this week to get my mobile rig up and running, I've had the week from....and it wasn't fun.

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crap!!!!!!!!!!! I SO WANT ONE NOW!!!!! I would piss my pants if I could hit 2875 with my water setup. Probalby not that high unless I up the multi, my ram is only 3200, but people have seen it go up to 240 FSB stable, but my board only spits out 2.8 volts for ram max. I would need a new board also. Dude, I gotta see some screens and benches with it!!!! Nice chip and OC!!! What kind of ram and stuff you got? what temps and shiz!!!

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