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Is the PC hardware industry different now than 10-15 years ago?

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I've been going on a deep dive, visiting old hardware review sites and a lot of them are dead, closed up shop, domains are redirecting to chinese websites, articles/reviews are missing images or sites are just not being updated...lots of sites with their latest article being from 2021 or 2011.

I've read the other thread (the one called "what happened to this place" or something like that) and im not wondering about this forum in particular.

Im just wondering if sales for PC components such as video cards, motherboards or RAM declined (as well as daily unique visits to hardware review sites) and that's what caused a lot of sites to go under or did people just decided to start buying complete PCs?

I see newegg hasn't really changed much...

The only thing i could really see right off the bat is that overclocking is not really a thing anymore but as for gamers, i think there are actually more of them and that probably means there is more demand for video cards and gaming pcs and hardware for them.

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Hey Damian how you doin'

With regard to your lead-in yes I think the industry has changed a good deal but much has remained the same...

By that I mean there are fewer DIYers building and overclocking stuff but prices for premium cutting edge hardware have continued to rise along with the newest most fastest clock speeds and capabilities...! Things are just getting faster and more expensive and that tends to keep us builder folks from doing as much... I keep up with all the newest stuff (Intel and AMD) but I haven't upgraded in several years and there are a number of reasons why...

Back in 2018 I went thru a late in life divorce and restarted everything at age 60, then Covid 19 hit in 2020 and that really messed thing up for everyone, Also in 2020 My Biological father person asked me to relocate back to Texas. Due to Covid Dad needed help with things, so that happened and meanwhile my computer and building upgrades all took a back seat to rebuilding a new life and regrouping in a new location... 

Back to what you were saying,

Intel is still making 10nm CPUs that can clock really high numbers and AMD is taking 5nm CPUs to the next level, and Nvidia and AI systems aredoing amazing things in the computing world and there is just a whole world of new and exciting tech coming and some has already arrived... It's just amazing !!

I still check in here several times a month just to see what's going on and there are a few others who drop by occasionally and a few who've never left. but we still keep an eye on what's new and amazing on the horizon and still dream about building  the fastest gamer ever someday... (well I do)  Several of our former members here have migrated over to TU-PU Tech Up Power Up https://www.techpowerup.com/ and they are still in business and going strong, (I drop in there once in a while too) but I wish you the best on your quest !!

I hope you are able to stay connected and stay on top of the industry and the newest changes and enjoy it all ... 



this post was not generated by AI :banana:

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