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First Budget System...

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Please take a look at this and let me know if anyting can/should be changed. Im building this for a guy at work. he was going to buy an IBM Thinkstation that had a 2.8 P4 and a 17 inch LCD, everytihng else in the machine was CRAP. Im talking PC2100 memory and a 40gb HD with 2mb cache. The IBM was 1400, this is 800, tell me what you think-


MAXTOP Black Signature Series Type I Mid Tower PC with ATX 350W Power Supply

Lite-On Black 52X32X52 CD-RW Drive

Vantec "Copper X" Copper CPU Cooler

SONY Black 1.44MB 3.5inch Floppy Disk Drive

Western Digital Special Edition 80GB 7200RPM IDE

Logitech Premium Desktop USB/PS2 104keys Keyboard & Cordless Optical Mouse

Kingston 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200

SAMSUNG 753DF-T/T 17" DynaFlat CRT Monitor

ABIT nFORCE 2 IGP Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A

(onboard GeForce4)

AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton", 333 FSB, 512K

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 3 Full OEM Version

Logitech Z640 5.1 Speakers


He gave me permission to OC it to around 2.1GHZ and I told him it would compare to the 2.8 P4 in the business apps he runs, that should be about right...

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Just remember.....that if he has any problems in the future,,, You are now his tech support and warranty department.....

I build my own...

but had my parents buy a Dell..... I have been their tech support for years on systems I built but I was tired of it...


Just a heads up....


and also..something to think about.... Unless it is your system and your money, I never recommend overclocking...

Unless you are prepared to buy a new system from him should this one croak...




Oh and you are springing for 5.1 speakers, but no DVD player? Whats up with that?

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I agree with the DVD player issue as well that exeter pointed out.


As for the overclocking, you can go for a 185 FSB, not much of an overclock, which runs at 2.04-ish. That works out very well for day to day use in my case.


The warranty/tech supp thing, keep in mind. Everytime ANYTHING happens, you have to go fix it or at the very least, he will call you. I suggest installing Antivirus (AVG is a free one) and showing him how to update it. Also show him how to use Ad-aware, to keep pop ups from being very bad. Likewise, install a firewall. In the end, this will save you a lot of time and effort, trust me.

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I would say do not overclock it at all. I know the chip can handle it, but it sounds like he is going to use it for business, so Its just as easy to leave it alone and possibly save yourself troubles in the end.


I have built a few systems for other people, and sometimes when they screw up their computer with viruses or spyware, I've got to take time out of my day to go over and fix it for them. Without pay of course. This is why I only build systems for people that I am close to. Other than that I'd say send them to a computer store to get one.


You definitely do not want the hassle.

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