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Nvidia Game Ready Drivers cause black screen of death (Found a Fix)


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Hey guys just finished the upgrades on my PC, went from a Ryzen 1600 to  a i5 12400F. Everything went smooth until I tried to install the drivers for my 1080. Now note that the 1080 is the oldest piece of hardware in this system, everything else is less than a year old. When you get about 10 seconds into installing any version of the drivers it flashes an error screen (can't read it, too fast) and restarts the PC. The PC will fail to boot, screen will keep flashing a few times and just show a black screen. Nothing you can do software wise will fix this. You cannot get windows startup repair to go at all. Even trying to use a recover disk will fail. 


The Fix

Only way I found to get back into windows is 1. reinstall windows or 2. put in a different GPU (I had another 1080 that I used)

Once your back in, remove the partially install drivers with display driver uninstaller (DDU), DO NOT try again to install the game ready drivers, it will fail no matter which one you use, I tried a bunch. Instead use device manager to install to install Nvidia control panel (should be fully automatic if you wait a few minutes).


Really strange issue here, never had problems with these drivers in the past, I guess new hardware never likes to play with the old. Anyway, I have been gaming on the Nvidia control panel drivers and they work 100% and are stable. Hope this helps as people upgrade there entire system, but leave in a older GPU. Took me 3 hours to figure this all out.

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