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Knoppix Security?


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Been playing with knoppix and love it.


But not sure what to make of it's security as far as being hooked up to my DSL while using it. Being sort of an "intro version", which has you internet capable from the get-go, you'd think it had reasonable intrusion blocking, etc...


grc.com (Shields Up) results:

1) File sharing: grc could not access my files... Good

2) common ports scan:

2.1) ports closed and not responding... Good

2.2) ports respond to ping and are visible. only one port stealthed.... dunno. determined hacker-jerk could do something??


EDIT: what I mean by "file access" above, of course is my hd with XP. I have read/write access to that from knoppix.


generally Knoppix seems to be a "locked down" version. I can't get root privilage for example. So is knoppix made secure just by being sort of "locked down"? Is it possible for instance for a hacker to install a root-kit on a knoppix system?


I'll go with some other installable flavor pretty soon, but just wondering for now, whether it's basically ok to be running knoppix and connected... annoying to have to pull LAN cable out to run knoppix.


(btw I know about the Linux security sticky... the firewall install doesn't work on knoppix... again cuz it's "locked down" version??)


thanks Linux guru's ... would be really helpful to know this

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Seems to me like you should be fine.....

I could maybe think up some theoretical possibilities of an

exploit coming up but anything off the top of my head probly

isn't possible unless ssh is running or some other server...

If you're going to be using it for every day use I'd just keep current

w/ releases, or upgrade if you hear about any serious kernel exploits

that could possibly effect knoppix, which would be clarrified in their

forum or on their site.

If by default any services such as ssh are running that you don't need

and you're worried about something becoming a problem, then there's

plenty of variations of knoppix that people maintain and have become

individual projects such as crapin' small linux (note: the forum has stupid blocks on words so I can't really give the URL on here cause

it changes the word and the URL to crappin or crap. it's d-mnsmalllinux.com)

which may or may not be more suitable for you, or you can remaster knoppix

to suit your needs. You can find plenty of information on that on their forums

or by clicking here.

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You can install Knoppx on you harddrive.

You can get a firewall like firestarter installed and really lock it down.

Go to the following site to learn a bit more. http://jetblackz.cjb.net/ This will give you an idea what other distro are like and how to secure them.

I personally use Knoppix. But, now that I did an apt-get to upgrade everything it is basicly Debian (SID).

I can run most games. But I prefer to run linux native games UT4 and ET.



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Thanks for replies. I like the Knoppix gui... real tasteful and intuitive. I was thinking of an hd install. I'll check out the firewall, security and build links.


Just yesterday installed Fedora... not like knoppix, but at least I can do stuff now. So guess I can learn from that and then go for knoppix hd install later.


using the KDE desktop in Fedora... looks sortra like knoppix, but not knoppix <_<

maybe a trivial concern but the knoppix gui overall is just really cool

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