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Feedback on Interactive Stats in Dying Light 2 Performance Analysis

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It's been a few days now since the Dying Light 2 Performance Analysis went live, and with it a new tool I have been working on so the performance statistics can be interactive. I have spent quite a bit of time on the tool and so am somewhat curious about feedback on it.

Rather than needing to go into the article, here are a couple links:

The second one I made for testing and only has the data from the original review. While that is significantly less data, it also means the graphs do not cross 1 GB or RAM, so you can play around with them there.

And, just in case, here's the link to the walkthrough video I made: Shiny App Walkthrough.

If nothing else, I am going to continue using the applet because it is a bit quicker to manipulate the data that way than directly with R commands, but I would appreciate what others think about it.

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