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sonic.net DSL, 608k Upstream, up to 6Mb/s downstream. Like 54.95 a month. I got it on special last month for 49.. and I get 550K per second on most downloads (download.com, fileplanet.com and other large sites. I eat T1's for breakfast)


If you sign up, put my handle "stick" in the referral field so I get 10 bucks off my next bill. Screw cable, shared networks like that suck when the guy down the street starts running a kazaa-lite server and eats most of your "shared" bandwidth.


My "1.5Mbps" Pacbell DSL was running at 70K for the last year. They fixed it a couple of times after several calls, but each time it'd be back to its crappy speed within a couple of days.


They've started installing some sort of "mini fiber Telco extenders" in my area. I used to be 21,000 ft from the Central Office, now they list me as just over 12,000ft. I'm sure the Central Office didn't move, so the rumor I heard about some sort of extenders must have some truth to it.

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