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Mugen 5 rev. B added second fan?

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Hi, I recently changed an old H60 which was working fine for a Mugen 5, mostly because it's 10 years old and it surpassed its lifespan. I have a Ryzen 3600. Temps with the Mugen 5 are very similar, generally a little lower at load, almost the same or higher at idle, but it has some spikes that weren't present with the old AIO.

I decided to add the H60 120 mm. cooler to the heatsink for a push/pull config. Since it has higher RPM, right now the Mugen fan is as pull, and the H60's as push.

I don't see a noticebeable improvement, if any at all. Since I have a Corsair Spec Alpha case, changing the coolers is a considerable effort, 'cause I have to remove the top exhaust fan, and the clips with the H60 fan are really hard to take out (it's much tighter than the stock fan). omegle xender

Do you think it would be better to take out the H60's fan and leave the Mugen with the stock as push, or leave the push/pull with the H60's fan? 

BTW by reading reviews I thought that changing the H60 to a Mugen 5 would be an upgrade, but it was more like a side-grade, so I'm kinda dissapointed.  

Temps at idle are between 39-50, 72 after running Cinebench R15, and 79-82 with Prime95 at maximum heat with ocassional spikes to 88. 

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