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A new mini-itx build for the girlfriends home business

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Hello Again my OCC,

I've started collecting components for a cool little build that will be more of an office business use machine for now. This will certainly have room to grow upon but will be a good start for her and not break the bank. I'll be starting with the AS Rock B550M-ITX/ac mobo and I've decided to go with the AMD Ryzen 3 3200g mostly because video cards are not cheap right now and she isn't gonna be needing high end gaming quality graphics to get herself started. And hey this little mobo is VERY upgradable to high end stuff when the time comes. For RAM I have several choices of left over sticks from previous builds and so I will put together a working set from these for now. I went on amazon and did some shopping for a good psu, SSD, and ITX case and came up with some good buys. PSU is the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W which ought to be plenty sufficient this and future upgrades. The backup Storage SSD I settled on is the Team AX2 1TB because it looks to have good specs and speed for the price and I'm not trying to spend lots of money on this one. Now I've never tried Team Memory SSDs before so this will be something different but I'm hopeful. And the case is the Thermaltake Core V1 Mini-ITX in white which I think will fit in all the components with plenty of room to spare, and since it's kind of an open design it ought to keep this system plenty cool for her.  I forgot to mention that I ordered a T-Force Gen4x4 M.2 1TB SSD from Amazon for the primary boot drive and for the record the only thing I've used of Team stuff before is RAM and that worked out really well for me ... Well there it is ... This is what will  be happening pretty soon ! I love building puters !:banana::cool2:

1052 8-7-21 245.jpg

1052 8-7-21 246.jpg

1052 8-7-21 250.jpg

1052 8-7-21 248.jpg

1052 8-7-21 249.jpg

1052 8-7-21 247.jpg


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I decided to use a matched set rather than mix differing timings and cas latency 

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