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Ryzen 9 5950X undervolt unstable?

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Hello everyone i hope you're doing great

I am from Spain and now that we are in summer, it is very hot in my city, so I had decided to undervolt my 5950X which I have with a NH-D15 double fan
Download CTR 2.0 and after making the diagnosis, apply the recommended values for undervolting which were 1v and 3975mhz, but when performing the test a bsod appeared and the pc restarted by itself.
How could I make the undervolt stable, aren't the values that the program tells you supposed to be stable?

Thank you very much to all

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Are you applying these settings in Ryzen Master or inside the BIOS? For me I have better luck manually setting these things in the BIOS, but the software works fairly well too.

Well I can tell you that 1.35v @ 4.5Ghz is a starting point for a overclock. Since you are not overclocking at all, you should start with 1.3v and work your way down until it BSOD on you again. 

I personally have not played around with undervolting, but I think people disable PBO so to avoid a single core boosting to 4.7Ghz.

Sorry I can't be more of a help. The best thing you can do is just raise the voltage until its stable. Work off of that value.

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