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AMD FSR is finally out!

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Hey if you didn't catch the news, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is out today. Only notable titles that support it right now is Godfall and Anno 1800. I'm not going to write a article on it anytime soon. Waiting for more games and a A-B image comparison would be nice as well.

From what I'm reading (could turn out to be false) is that the image quality will be on a game per game basis.

1) The developer must choose internal settings to go along with the up-scaling. Embedded into the upscaler is a sharping assist. If the games normal sharping is left on, it will make a mess of the image. The work around of course is to manually disable it.

2) FSR has a multiple presets with Quality (Half Rez) and Ultra Quality (Slightly higher)being the only ones worth a use. Otherwise it is a blurry mess.

3) Personal opinion - Anything below 4K Quality is not worth running. I would lower the graphical settings first. However it depends on the screen size. If you have a 27" monitor, no worries. 65" TV, no way.

At this point even without a direct comparison, I think DLSS 2.0 is the winner at this juncture. It is nice that FSR works on older cards and NVIDIA as well. Seems like only a 20% increase in FPS with the highest preset. Not the 100% uplift AMD was showing off last month. Not without losing the image in a blurry mess.

Hardware Unbox has the best video so far for FSR.  Give it a watch.

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The GPUOpen article on it has some more specifics on how it works, where it is implemented in the pipeline, and a list for input and output resolutions: GPUOpen- FidelityFX Super Resolution. I have also seen some reports that it can be implemented in just hours, which may help its adoption, in addition to it having a broad lowest common denominator when it comes to hardware support.

At the moment the only game I have that supports it is Evil Genius 2, which is not exactly a high detail game. Edge of Eternity is supposedly also getting it in the future and it already supports DLSS, but as my only displays are 1080p class, I'm unsure how valuable any comparisons I attempt will be. I may still try, but we'll have to see when the time comes. I can confirm though that it worked just fine in EG2 on my desktop, even though I'm still running older drivers. (The latest 21.6.1 drivers add support for FSR, but clearly that is not necessary based on my experience and that AMD cannot influence NVIDIA drivers.)

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