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I need help setting up a secondary TP Link AX1500 Router

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The main “router” or whatever it is is the AT&T BGW210 Gateway. I have an Ethernet line from port 3 that goes down to the unfinished basement with a DIY keystone jack and an extended cable to go into the finished part (where my devices are). Currently, the extended cable goes directly into my PC, where I can remove and plug in to my Switch/PS4/etc. I want to be able take the internet from the extended cable, plug it into the WAN port and allow that bandwidth to be privately spread over Ethernet, 2.4G, and 5G channels (essentially, my own section of private bandwidth, especially for Oculus Airlink on 5GHz). I have connected the blue (previously mentioned) cable into the router but to no avail. Searching online tells me to change the IP address to not interfere with the AT&T, and also disable DHCP on the TP Link. Both I’ve done, none have worked, as the webpage status indicates that the WAN port is not connected, when it physically is. I’ve also tried cloning the MAC of my PC, no avail. I at least want to fix it to enable 2.4G, 5G, and Ethernet so I can get more cables for my other devices in the future, as well as be prepared for the Oculus V28 update for AirLink. Thank you for responding if you choose to! Have a nice day!

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