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Should I overclock my CPU?

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Hey guys,

so first of I am a complete noob when it comes to overclocking. But I have already seen a bunch of videos on how to do it. So thats why I decided to do it myself. But is it actually usefull to overclock my Ryzen 5 1600? Because the base clock is 3.2 ghz but it boosts up to 3.6 when I play games. I have already tried some overclocking without touching the voltage and I got to 3.8 ghz and ran Prime95 for 10 minutes. Then I went up to 3.9 but it would crash. So basically I would only gain like 0.2 ghz right? So how much of a perfomance boost would that actually be when I play games?

And right now when I am browsing the CPU is only at 3.2 ghz and when I overclock it then it would run at 3.8 everytime. Wouldnt that be unnecessary? I mean the CPU would get higher temps because of the higher clock speed and I would gain no performance boost since I am just browsing right?

So yeah as you can see I have a ton of questions. I hope some of you can answer them for me to get everything clear when it comes to overclocking.

My system:

 Asus Prime B350 Plus MB 

Ryzen 5 1600 with the stock cooler

GTX 950 (I know its a huge bottleneck but I will buy the GTX 1060 6GB next month)

8GB DDR4 2400

Corsair80 Plus Bronze 450W PSU.

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Any increase in speed will result in an increase in performance.  Run benchmarks before and after overclocking to see the increased performance, or run applications before and after to see any benefit gained.

There is a high failure rate when running a CPU at maximum temperature.  Lowering the temperature will decrease the failure rate.  Maybe you will be curious one day too and search Electrical Engineering and Cooling Component, or something along those lines.

Overclocking a CPU will increase the watts the CPU uses.  A heatsink is designed to cool a specific amount of watts.  Technically let the temperatures be the indicator for how much to overclock, but generally an upgraded heatsink is needed.

I checked out some overclocked 1600 on the stock cooler and can see it hasn't changed in 17 years when it cooled 145w CPU's.  There is plenty of headroom when cooling a 65w CPU.

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