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OC 10600k and 4400 MHz Ram Timings

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curious what motherboard do you have? I have two sets of that Patriot Viper 4400. On the Gigabyte Z490 Vision G I cannot get ANY memory to put above 4000. Even that Patriot kit is on the QVL.... However using the MSI Z490 Unify I've been able to post at DDR4 4400 without any problems. So the memory doesn't always work at the rated speed, it can depend on the motherboard, CPU and voltage settings.

Personally DDR4 4000 CL15 is better I think. Lower voltage and less stress on the CPU memory controller. Much easier to sustain a CPU overclock. I would go for DDR4 4000 first before reaching for the stars.

Everyone CPU is different, but you can get similar results. 5Ghz is not uncommon and that guide Braegnok link is a great resource.

Here are my settings for 5.1Ghz / 4400. Bumping up the SA and IO voltage is required for higher speed memory. For example, I can reach up 4266 stable with default 1.1v. If its 4 DIMMS I cannot post above 4133 no matter the voltage.

  1. CPU VCORE 1.275v
  2. CPU SA: 1.2v
  3. CPU IO: 1.15v
  4. Ring Ratio 43x

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i have tha same problem i can get my 10600k above 4.8 and my viper 4400 kit bluescreens my pc on 4400mhz .

now my settings are:

  1. Cpu Vcore 1.260 override mode
  2. Core ratio 48
  3. Ring ratio 45

i managed booting with everythink on auto at 5.0 but with 1444 voltage xd 

i also managed to boot with 5.0 and ring 47 , LLC MODE 4 and 1400 voltage but i stress tested it and i crushed



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Before playing around with the CPU, try just the memory. Personally I leave LLC either at the lowest setting or on Auto. I've killed CPUs with high LLC. I hate the function. It should be locked with a warning screen.

In any case to get 4400 stable. You will have to raise the memory controler voltage. Auto doesnt always do the job.

Start at 4000. Run memtest86 and go up until either you get errors or fails post.

Errors in test 1-5 is memory timings / voltage. Test 6-7 fail / system lockup or restart is usually low voltage cpu controller related. Either the voltage needs to go up slightly, or its already been high for a while and needs to cool off. I would avoid going above 1.25v. That should be enough for ddr4 4600.

If, you dont want to type in the timings manually, a simple trick is to enable XMP but than change the dram frequency what you want before exiting the BIOS.

Also that memory has a second XMP of 4133 I believe. If all else fails, give that a go.

I have to tell you guys, from all these memory reviews I've done with lots of hours on benchmarking. 4000 CL15 is better than 4400 CL19. Plus its eaiser on the CPU memory controller.

Starting point for 4000-4400

CPU SA: 1.2

CPU IO: 1.15v

DRAM: 1.45v

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Everyone compares settings, but leaves out temps.   There were some fails at increasing the OC.  The 240 rad handles the cpu stock like a champ, but an OC at 5 GHz takes temps to the limit range.  I would beef the PC cooling, as an overclocker the minimum cooler to go with is a 360 rad.

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Hmm good point @sticknstone . I,guess I assumed these people already understood CPU overclocking and just trying to get memory stable. But yeah this a 2-part and should be done separately.

CPU overclocking and checking for stability is necessary. I use programs like Aida64 and Prime95. Aida64 is less intense, thus is more like encoding temps. Prime95 blasts the cpu to the end of the earth. Thats when a 360mm aio might be nessary. I was getting 33 watts per core. That adds up quick.

For memory, it is much easier to leave the cpu at stock unless you vetted the CPU overclock. Put memtest86 on a flash drive and boot to it instead of Windows. Every time you change frequencies or voltages, boot to the flash drive and vaildate your memory settings. If that passes in Windows use aida64 memory stress test. If it doesn't crash the computer you are all set.

I do this for every memory review. It takes a few days on and off, but it is the best way to make sure you have soild memory.

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