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CPU Thermal Testing Scripts Experiment

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My apologies about necroing this thread, but it seems the best place to put this. I've finished article documenting these scripts, and while writing it I also overhauled the scripts and collected new data. Specifically I collected data with the Prime95 Torture Test, something I added support for, and Cinebench R20 but with new code for pulsing the load that is better than what I originally created.

As the main focus of the article was documenting the code, I am not publishing it on OCC (I don't like trying to represent code in HTML documents and I doubt there will be much interest in it anyway) but you can find the article, scripts, data, stats, and graphs in my OCC-CPU_Thermals_Article GitHub repository. The latest version of the scripts are available in the OCC-CPU_Thermals repository.

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