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Various Video Game Stories from the Week of January 4, 2021

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With the first full week of the year coming to an end, it is time to go over some of the video games news it has brought us. Unfortunately the week has not been that busy with game news, but with CES 2021 starting next week, we know there will be plenty of tech news to digest soon.

Starting things off is some news from Deep Silver as Gods Will Fall can now be pre-ordered. In this game you are the last hope for humanity as you enter into the realm of the gods to defeat them, ending their cruelty. There are eight survivors in your Celtic clan, with each being different sizes and wielding their own weapon, making it important to select the appropriate warrior for the next fight.

With the game releasing on January 29 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia, you are now able to pre-order the title and get with it the exclusive Hunter's Head Gear. With each playthrough the gear is assigned at random and will allow you to wear the hides of a wolf, bear, boar, fox, or badger to show the gods why they should fear you. In addition to the standard edition, you can also pre-order the Valiant Edition that brings with it the Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC. This adds three new gods and their infernal realms to challenge you, as well as two new warriors with their own weapons and style of combat. There are also new items, skills, things to find in the overworld to help you as you enter the realms of the gods, and battle-ready attire to equip.


Source: Press Release (Deep Silver)

Devolver Digital had some news to share too as Fall Guys will be receiving, for a limited time, some iconic costumes from the DOOM franchise. From the trailer below you can see you can dress the Slayer or as demons as you rip and tear through the Blunderdome. These costumes will be available starting on January 12. A special point is made in the press release that Team Deathmatch remains unconfirmed for the game, so your goal will still be to acquire the crown and not to dismember your enemies.



Source: Press Release (Devolver Digital)

Lastly, Epic Games has shared it has acquired RAD Game Tools, a company that even if you have not personally heard of you very possibly are familiar with just the same. This company has specialized in compression technologies for years and has seen that technology used in almost 25,000 games, according to the press release, and considering how many I have seen use Bink compressed videos, I can believe it. The company is behind more than that one format and codec though, and that is why Epic decided to acquire them. The intent is to integrate the tools into Unreal Engine to enable games to load and download faster while improving the gaming experience. With the size some modern games have reached, perhaps integration of better compression methods is exactly what we need.

Though Epic Games is the new owner, RAD will continue to support their partners in the game, film, and television industries, regardless of if Unreal Engine is used. The sales and business development teams will continue to maintain and sell licenses for the company's products.

Source: Epic Games

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