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RX 5600XT vBIOS Mod (Unlock full potential!)

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vBIOS mod tested on my PowerColor RX 5600XT Red Devil and running smoothly (3DMark run, ~1000 points over original 14Gbps vBIOS, ~10% improvement)

The RX 5700 non XT is scared of the performance/price beast it has become!



Having vBIOS selector switch is highly recommended, and of course the modification is done at your own risk

1. Always make a backup of your original vBIOS in .rom format exporting through GPU-Z or AMD Flash Utility

2. Make sure you have the phisical switch on the "Silent" (non-OC) position to avoid any possible issue

3. The guide is pretty straight forward, just follow step by step!


Step 1                                            

Check that your RX 5600XT meets the requirement of having Micron memory (With this utility⬇️)


Step 2                                            

Download this original vBIOS⬇️ from MSI and extract the .rar in the root of your main hard drive (where the operating system is, usually C:)

Open CMD in administrator mode and run the following commands

cd c:/ati2.9
amdvbflash -f -p 0 224178.rom 

After the flashing process is complete reboot your PC -  taking a look at GPU-Z after restart should show MSI as the manufacturer


Step 3                                            

Download this modifiied vBIOS ⬇️ and again extract the content of the .rar in C:

Open the resulting "amdvbflash" folder and run "insttool64.exe" in administrator mode to proceed to the next step. 


Step 4                                            

Once "insttool64.exe" is executed, we open CMD in administrator mode and execute these last commands

cd c:/amdvbflash
amdvbflash -p 0 5600microunlocked.rom

After another restart your 5600XT would be unlocked and ready to go! 

Maximum overclock allowed by the modded vBIOS is 2100Mhz core @ 1200mV.

With AMD Wattman it is possible to play with it as much as you want (always taking into account temperatures and stability) but it is highly recommended to tune the BIOS of your "new graphics card" with Igor´s More Power Tool and Red Bios Editor. Guide here!


VIDEO TUTORIAL ON HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR 5600XT - Missing insttool64.exe run (step 3) which would cause the second flash to fail -

Credits to Red Panda Mining and the guys who shared the modified BIOS. Thanks to Igor´s Lab and Pedro Grazziotin for the information and procedure to follow.

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Ohh I'll have to look into this. Someone finally hacked the 5600XT BIOS? 

I saw progress last year, but all attempts failed to install drivers post flash.

The 5700 to XT is easy and works due to being the same Silcon. The 5600XT is not however so power and frequency is limited to whatever AMD sets in the drivers.

Edit: Not to shit on the work, but last I checked MorePowerTool doesnt work with 2020 drivers. AMD put a stop to the registry edits. So 2019 drivers will work, but that means you cant play any new games properly.


The modified BIOS link is broken. Can't complete the guide without it.

Here is the reddit post with working links. It seems people have having issues getting it to work. I'll try this weekend with my Powercolor card. I also have a XFX one I will try as welll.



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I have a xfx radeon 5600xt. Is there anyway i can get the modded bios without the overclock on the memory. My card wont do 1820 on the memory. It crashes just on the desktop.

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