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x570 AORUS Elite: LF compatible 3200/3600 CL14/16 ram @ 16gb (8 x 2gb)?

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Looking to pair the x570 AORUS Elite mobo (reviewed by buildzoid) with some great memory (along with a 3700x and 2080 ti for 1440p/144hz heavy gaming + light productivity)

Does anyone know what ram works with this mobo?

I tried researching the following but I am even more confused.

G.Skill Flare X 3200 CL 14 - The ram qvl says it works with this mobo but the mobo qvl says it is not

G.Skill Ripjaws 3600 CL 16 - The mobo qvl says the ram is compatible but the ram qvl says it does not work

G.Skill Trident Z - Neither mobo or ram qvl says the ram works with x570 AORUS
Elite mobo. okay.

Any other brands which work with this mobo that I should consider?



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You can ignore the QVL list. It only matters if ...

A) when a low end motherboard pushing high frequency memory. Because not all motherboards are created equally.

B) Using all 4 DIMM slots at higher frequency.

C) Sometimes really low timings without proper voltage will cause problems. Not all MB AUTO settings are good. This is when the QVL helps with lower end MBs. If your into overclocking memory, the motherboard is important!

I would say the Ryzen CPU in its current 3nd gen form has matured to the point that really any memory kit  3600 and will be plug'n play. Just make sure to use the newest BIOS.

I don't think any of the memory I reviewed is on ASUS MB QVL (and many more). Now G.Skill does have a handy QVL on its own website.

Buy whatever 3600 memory you like thats within your price range.

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I guess the follow up answer to what is best would be any 3600 memory kit that is CL14. Not many choices. I personally like the G.Skill TridentZ Neo kit I reviewed.  Not only is it good at default XMP, it can be tweaked to really nice timmings of 3800 CL14. That way you can maximize the Infinity Fabric and get the "most of your CPU. 


However I wrote this in my Ryzen Memory article. That once you are GPU bound, many frequency plays a minor roll. Even more so if the game isnt AI heavy. So something like COD might see no frame rate difference. GTA5, 10+ FPS. Since you are a heavy gamers and play a lot of different content, having higher Frequency memory with tighter timings can have a impact on the frame rate.


If you are planning on buying the 4th gen Ryzen that is about to come out, i think DDR4 4000 is the new 3600. No solid confirmation yet.

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