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NVIDIA Finalizes Deal to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion

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There have been rumors for a bit now that NVIDIA was looking to acquire Arm from Softbank, and yesterday it was announced the deal has been finalized. The transaction is valued at roughly $40 billion with part of it being paid in NVIDIA stock and part in cash. As Arm's designs are used in many devices, including most smartphones, there is obviously a concern of neutrality in how Arm will operate in the future, but NVIDIA has pledged to continue its open-licensing model. The company's IP will also remain registered in the UK, where Arm is based.

There is definitely great potential for what can come from the combined resources and technologies of these two companies, and one of them was shared in the press release from NVIDIA. The company intends to build up the Arm campus in Cambridge to create a center of excellence in AI research with an Arm-powered AI supercomputer at its heart. It will also feature training facilities and a startup incubator to attract talent from around the world and support innovation across many fields. Jensen Huang, NVIDIA's founder and CEO, stated he expects there to be trillion of computers running AI and powering the Internet-of-Things in the future, and he wants his company to be in an even stronger position for this age of AI.

Though the deal has been agreed upon, the transaction may not complete for another 18 months. Regulatory bodies in the UK, China, the EU, and the US will have to grant approval for it, especially as both companies are already very significant players in the technology industry. NVIDIA products can be found in myriad industries, from laptops and desktops to data centers and supercomputers, while Arm's designs have been the go-to for many devices that call for great power and thermal efficiency. It will definitely be interesting to see what comes of this combination of talents.

Source: NVIDIA

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