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Various Video Game Stories from the Week of September 7, 2020

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Though the news from Ubisoft this week was the bulk of the press releases I have received, there is still some more to cover. Starting with publisher Deep Silver, the release date for DiRT 5 has been moved to November 6. The reason given for the move is to allow the release of all versions of the game in a shorter timeframe. This release will be for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions while the Xbox Series X/S release will be just days later, as that console family launches on November 10.

Also shared this week was a new trailer, teasing gameplay as classic Ford and Peugeot rally cars take part in an Ice Breaker event. Set on New York's frozen East River, the players will be racing by Roosevelt Island in the dead of night, with lighting, atmosphere, and fireworks to make the experience all the more incredible. There can be up to 12 cars in an Ice Breaker event, and there are multiple layouts and locations available for these events as well.



Source: Press Releases

Turning to Devolver Digital now, on Monday Blightbound received its Wolfpack update, the Early Access game's second update. With it developers Ronimo Games has added a new area to explore, new loot to retrieve and craft, and new heroes to rescue and add to your roster.

The new dungeon is The Creeping Blight and it can be found beneath the oppressive Underhold and it holds new elite enemy champions such as Shelltor, Coward Osmund, and Havern the Deserter. With such threats there, only the boldest champions dare to enter it, but if they do they might find Wodania and Karrogh to rescue. Karrogh the Fearless Wolf will charge into battle and invigorate allies with his Warcry before using his mighty Lawbring. Wodania, the blind Matriarch, is his mother and she uses her Smokebomb to temporarily hide the party, before she cuts down the enemy hordes with Lightning Strikes and her Fan of Knives.



Source: Press Release

For its gamescom and Indie Arena Booth presence, HandyGames had shared demos for Spitlings, Chicken Police, Pile Up!, and Airhead. Because of how well received these demos were, the publisher has decided to keep them up on Steam so everyone can continue to try them as much as they wish. You can check out the source link for more information on each of the games, including trailers for each as well.

Source: HandyGames

THQ Nordic announced the next game from Gunfire Games and it is Chronos: Before the Ashes. This will be a prequel story to Remnant: From the Ashes and will allow players to take control of a young hero as he tries to save his home from an ancient evil. The chosen one is sent to a mysterious labyrinth, containing fearsome and mystic creatures as well as challenging puzzles. While combat will be unforgiving and brutal, death is not the end as you are cast out of the labyrinth for one year. During this year your character will age, so while the journey will start with it being easy to get stronger and quicker, you will find yourself relying more on wisdom and arcane powers as you age.

Chronos: Before the Ashes is scheduled to launch on December 1 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. While it is based on the VR-exclusive Chronos, this game has been optimized to work on all platforms, without the need for VR support.



Source: THQ Nordic

Lastly we have some non-gaming news as AMD has announced the dates for revealing Zen 3 and RDNA 2 products. The next generation of the company's CPUs will be shown off on October 8 while the upcoming GPUs will be shared on October 28. AMD says, "a new era of leadership performance across computing and graphics is coming," and it looks like it will be a month or two before finding out if the company will be able to prove that claim.

Source: Twitter @AMD

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