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Significant netcode issues with game.

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I am having a ton of issues when playing a video game I compete in. I cannot win a single tie interaction, or even interactions where I appear to win, only for it to rubberband. It's like I'm playing a half-second behind.

Even on a good server like Chicago, everyone in the match will have 60ms ping or less and it still behaves poorly. Some people always win their interactions and there doesn't seem to be a particular bias to any geological location nor if a player has low or high ping. Just certain people benefit from interactions more than other specific players.

No matter if I have good or bad ping, these issues occur. I am running gbps internet with 0 packet loss. My machine is a 3900X AMD Ryzen, RTX 2080 Ti, SSD.

Any ideas of how to improve my netcode interactions? thanks.

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