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Cooler For i7 2600k and OC

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I have i7 2600k for years...and recently it gets hot.
In my country upgrading or buying another pc is impossible, so I decided to buy CPU cooler for heat and

* I have to choose from this list(price order) :
Thermalright TRUE Spirit 120M BW Rev.A
Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A
Deepcool GAMMAXX GT CPU Cooler
Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo Black Edition
Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P RGB

my pc :
i7 2600k
4*4 Adata dddr3-1600
Nvidia gt 520 with broken fan image.gif.252c34d3867916d669b4d55927502e70.gif
685W Power
cougar evolution Case

1)witch cooler? (Performance is important, not rgb.and sound of the cooler)
2)with any cooler that you chose, should I remove any of my rams?
3)is it worth it? Considering that my CPU is very old and very used. and with knowing, those coolers are not cheap in my country.

Sorry if my English is not good.

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Intel 1st and 2nd generation i7 CPUs can still run the latest apps and games when overclocked to 4 GHz and above.

Try to re-apply thermal paste, clean the fans with a toothbrush, and replace old/dying  fans.

Noctua NH-D series are the best air coolers around and could be used even if you upgrade PC in the future.

From your list, Thermalright HR-02 Macho looks like the best one.

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I just retired my 2600k last week ,it still would handle any game out there now, machine is working great with a oc of 4100 ghz, I just bumped the multy up to 41 and left every thing else on auto. I used the hyper 212 for 7 years with no problems, even gaming core temps did not pass 70 celsius. Only reason i upgraded was I was bored so got  the i5 9600k , and also wanted the ddr4 ram. To be honest it's not much better than my 2600k. Try resetting your thermal paste and clean the cooler you have now and make sure the fan is spinning free but if you need a new cooler go for the 212 hyper is my advice.

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