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Raspberry as Switch (MITM)


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I have a Raspberry that I set up as a MITM attack between the gw( and the target (

GW ( <---> Rasp <---> Target (

I wrote the necessary ARP spoof scripts but I struggle with the network configuration for the Raspberry. How do I set up the interfaces? I tried setting up both interfaces in the same subnet but that obviously did not work.

GW ( <---> ( Rasp( <---> Target (

To my knowledge, the raspberry should not even need IP addresses on any interface. All I want it to do is to act like a switch. How can I accomplish this?

Edit: Thanks to you guys I got it working. I am using bridge-utils and iptables -A FORWARD -m physdev --physdev-is-bridged -j NFQUEUE --queue-num 1

Thank you everyone!

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